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New Control Panel Design and Manufacturing Facility for ECC Automation

Electronic Control Corp has now expanded into a larger control panel design and manufacturing facility, located in Westminster, Maryland USA. The company relocated to accommodate increasing demands of existing and future design project and manufacturing production requirements. All design, engineering, fabrication and quality testing of their electronic control panels & components now happens here. Once […]

Technology is Transforming Duplex Control Panels

Duplex control panels are invaluable to facility managers. An intelligently configured duplex control panel can greatly expedite the management of multiple systems, from air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration to plumbing and electric. They can alert the team at critical times such as when tanks are empty, tanks have been filled, fuel levels are low, or wastewater […]

Touchscreen Control Panels: Changing the Way Facilities Run 

Duplex control panels have come a long way from the first iterations installed in buildings. Though many control stations can be custom tailored for nearly any application, some time­ and ­cost saving features like alarm systems and touchscreens are accelerating control panels into the future. A Multitude of Benefits Previously, facilities may have incurred high labor […]

Finally – a Control System for Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of capturing and utilizing rainwater which would otherwise be unused runoff. Harvesting this water represents an opportunity to easily take advantage of a renewable resource that is as useful as it is environmentally friendly! Without a collection system, consumers are missing out on taking part in this highly beneficial process […]

ECC completes Honeywell HC900 powered Heat Exchanger

We at Electronic Control Corp see the importance of staying on the cutting edge of modern, efficient, and robust control technologies. We strive to provide you with quality components, user friendly design, and informative drawings that exceed expectations. Our reputation ensures that companies and government agencies are confident in our products nationwide. These attributes are […]

Honeywell HC900

Electronic Control Corp is pleased to announce that we are now a certified Honeywell HC900 Systems Integrator. The Honeywell HC900 is a reliable and powerful, yet cost effective controller that is adaptable to control nearly any industrial process. From small batch operations to controlling an entire plant process, the Honeywell HC900 is the answer to […]