ECC’s Polymer Control Panel

At ECC, we design and build panels to control entire industrial processes. One of our

recent projects was a full process control for a polymer manufacturing plant. We are precise

in our work so ECC’s polymer control panel handles every step from start to finish. From the raw materials

coming in on trucks to pumping out the finished product, our panel allows the operator to

control every step from one location.


This particular plant’s process has three main ingredients as well as a special

additive. Our process begins when a truck bearing one of the main ingredients arrives to be

off-loaded. After being hooked up to a transfer hose, the operator uses ECC’s control panel

to select which of the three holding tanks the ingredient will be transferred to. VFD (Variable

Frequency Drives) control pumps and a series of solenoid valves ensure that the ingredient

is added to the correct tank. The operator then starts and stops the transfer, and monitors

the holding tank fluid level via Red Lion PAX meters reading 4-20 mA signals from

Honeywell transmitters located on the top of each tank.


After starting the production process, an exact weight scale stops the transfer of

each ingredient into a blending tank after the operator’s selected amount of each has been

added. An ECC controlled mixer motor blends the mixture. Lastly, an additive is pumped in

with duplex air pumps from 55-gallon drums. The drums are located on another weigh scale

which measures weight differential for the utmost accuracy. After the blending process is

complete, an operator controlled discharge pump is employed to pump the finished product

to the next manufacturing stage of the plant.


This project proves that ECC’s control panels can do nearly anything in an industrial

environment. A crucial feature of any control system is to withstand the elements. This panel

was built to NEMA 4 standards to protect against water and dust ingression. Our panels can

also be built to resist corrosion from chemicals found in harsh environments. Any of our

panels can have the capability of integrating into a BMS (Building Management System) or a

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. These communications can be

over Ethernet, MODBUS, MODBUS/TCP, dry contacts or other mediums. Another

advantage of ECC controls is ease of troubleshooting. A logical design, neat wiring and easy

to follow drawings ensure that your system is backed up and running quickly after system

maintenance or replacing a component. Expansion room allows for future upgrades and

additions to your system without the need to replace preexisting controls. Please contact

ECC at 410-374-3057 or email us with any questions or to receive a quote today!polymer control panel - electronic control corporation