ECC completes Honeywell HC900 powered Heat Exchanger

We at Electronic Control Corp see the importance of staying on the cutting edge of modern, efficient, and robust control technologies. We strive to provide you with quality components, user friendly design, and informative drawings that exceed expectations. Our reputation ensures that companies and government agencies are confident in our products nationwide. These attributes are palpable in this Heat Exchanger Skid Package Controller designed by ECC to be installed in a government facility.

This project called for a powerful Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to process the complex operations occurring in this application. ECC’s engineers are factory trained and certified on programming the Honeywell HC900 controller as well as the Honeywell 900 Control Station Touchscreen. We know that choosing this system will reliably serve the customer 24/7!

The project began by evaluating the customer’s requirements. Our panel will be controlling Modulating Valves and Pumps to precisely adjust and maintain water and steam temperatures. The purpose of this efficient system is to both heat the building, and supply domestic hot water to the restroom facilities and cafeteria. Temperatures are monitored via RTD Temperature Sensors, and the system features Summer/Winter modes to efficiently match the requirements of that season.

Once submittal drawings were sent to the customer for review, any changes were made and the panel was constructed. ECC is a UL508A Listed Panel Manufacturer and this panel was built to UL spec using all UL approved components. The enclosure, touch screen, and all buttons are UL Type 4 listed and therefore very waterproof. All programming and testing was conducted in house by ECC’s engineers. We even designed custom touch screen graphics tailored to be easy to follow for any operator. Password protection is utilized to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to make adjustments to the system. Below is a screenshot of the touchscreen’s homepage designed by ECC for this project. The full color graphic provides visuals for a technician of what is really happening in the system; not just numbers on a screen. Values will show temperatures at specific places in the system. Simply tapping on a value will display a more detailed breakdown, and allow that set point to be changed.
Image use for Control Station Home Page

An advantage of the HC900 is Honeywell’s comprehensive alarm and failure detection feature. Not only can it inform the operator and take action should a failure occur; the nature of the issue can be determined right from the screen. Specific alarms are used which make troubleshooting a breeze. Types of alarms include Input Sensor failure, Honeywell Rack or Module failure, 4-20mA failure, Time Clock failure, and many more. Another important feature of this project is network integration. This project called for the data to be remotely monitored and archived by the client’s preexisting Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. This was achieved by using the popular BACnet protocol to communicate over their standard Ethernet network, through the same cabling as the rest of their TCP/IP traffic.

The functionality doesn’t stop there however. The possibilities are limitless once a control system is on the network. Along with pulling data, the PLC can actually be controlled via the SCADA system as if the operator were standing right in front of it. Set Points can be changed and modes can be selected. To expand even further, these functions are not limited to local networks. ECC can configure your system to be accessible over the Internet from anywhere in the world! Emails can also be automatically dispatched to service personnel to inform them of system events such as failures or process completions.

Our customer was confident working with ECC on this project; they knew that our product would exceed their quality expectations and our system would meet all criteria of the application.  We look forward to fulfilling all of your industrial automation and control system needs!