Electronic Control Duplex Switches

Technology is Transforming Duplex Control Panels

Duplex control panels are invaluable to facility managers. An intelligently configured duplex control panel can greatly expedite the management of multiple systems, from air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration to plumbing and electric. They can alert the team at critical times such as when tanks are empty, tanks have been filled, fuel levels are low, or wastewater is high. Recently, cutting edge technology has changed the way that Electronic Control Corporation develops and builds duplex control panels today.

Alleviating the Pains of Older Duplex Control Panel Systems

Previously, in older systems, duplex control panels would require a lot of human interface, which translates into both more manual oversight and higher labor costs. Factoring in these elements, issues in the system could take longer to identify. This means more downtime for facilities and more time spent on fixing a problem, rather than operating the building. In addition, finding a solution to the problem could become timely and costly since, in some cases, highly skilled wiring logic could be necessary.

After hearing clients’ needs and recognizing a demand to make the process more efficient, Electronic Control Corporation began developing and testing a way to modernize duplex control systems. Now, duplex control panels can be manufactured with user-­friendly touchscreens and alarm systems, as well as other time­ and­ money saving capabilities.

NASA Updates Their System

In fact, NASA recently put ECC’s duplex control panels to the test at one of their facilities. ECC was hired by NASA to update and modernize a 15-year-­old wastewater and sewage pump system. The result was control panels that created more efficiencies and required overall less energy as it monitors and manages pumps throughout the building.

Running two 11 horsepower pumps, the duplex control panels contain elegantly designed current switchers and alternators. Phase monitoring is fed by dual power feeds, which is important for critical operations. If a fault is detected on a pump, the system is designed to automatically switch over to another pump. Likewise, it is important to have built-in redundancies to keep systems at optimal operating capacity. ECC ensured the NASA building included redundancies using two control circuits housed within the same panel, so that if one stops for any reason, the second control circuit kicks in seamlessly and pumps still function.

When to Update Aging Duplex Control Panels

Most manufacturing plants that have a system between 10­-15 years old are now recognizing a need for more modern duplex control systems. Systems this old or older tend to be outdated, have more downtime, and can be more difficult to operate. Building engineers and managers are now taking advantage of how ECC has modernized the development and operation of duplex controls.

For more information about building or updating a duplex control panel for your building, contact ECC today.