Electronic control systems for aerospace research and development


In modern aerospace manufacturing, every component is critical. When it comes to electronic control manufacturing, systems utilized in research and development and quality assurance testing, the same applies. Electronic control systems utilized must be designed, built and installed with highest standards, capable of delivering successful outcomes to every mission. Tests during R & D must be precisely carried out and relied upon at the time of ignition.

At Electronic Control Corporation, we make no exception to this mind-set in the projects we carry out. From pre- or post flight analysis to engineering components and systems used for aircraft and spacecraft missions, we can custom design, build and program your electronic control system. If you require, we’ll be there to support every phase of your project, validating successful outcomes for the components that will be used in-flight.

Demonstrated Capabilities

ECC-Automation has delivered solutions for aerospace applications that include:

  • Evaluating the aerodynamics of flight components
  • Electronic Controls for monitoring wind speed
  • Stress testing aerospace flight material
  • Interfacing with load cells for evaluating weight and balance control specifications
  • Electronic controls for facilities and Building Management Systems integration

Need electronic control panels for your aerospace work facilities and integration into your Building Management Systems? No problem! Electronic Control Corp. offers facility control solutions including BMS integration, water / wastewater control, energy and robotics & motion control, to name a few. We can custom design and manufacture control panels, according to your project requirements.

Whether you require a specific electronic component for your aerospace application or an electronic control panel for research, development and testing applications, ECC will deliver the state-of-the-art systems you demand. Get in touch today so we can hear more about your aerospace project and offer our expertise in designing, fabricating and programming your electronic control solution.