Electronic control panels engineered and built for power applicationsEnergy control solutions by ECC Automation

The power and energy industry continues to benefit from the automation of power management, transmission and distribution. And ECC-Automation is at the forefront of providing energy control solutions throughout a variety of industrial power applications.

Electronic Control Corp provides energy control solutions for:

  • Energy transmission
  • Power distribution
  • Power plant management
  • Building backup supply
  • Geothermal control
  • Boiler plants
  • Heat exchangers

Our control panels for power transmission and distribution are typically built to interface with Internet and, or building management systems (BMS / BAS).

ECC-Automation engineers control systems that work seamlessly with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or SCADA systems. Energy control solutions can be designed and built for local or remote monitoring and management. We produce state-of-the-art controls for utility assets such as transformers and distribution substations.

ECC energy control project highlights:

Day tank control for diesel fuel powered backup generators

ECC-Automation applied their innovative engineering to design and build electronic control panels for day tank control. These day tanks are utilized for supplying diesel fuel to backup generators in state-of-the-art IT data centers. Automation has included the ability to precisely monitor fuel levels and initiate pump control for fuel transfer. Additional work on this project included:

  • Innovations in PLC functions, such as 4-20 mA scaling
  • Integration of the entire backup diesel fuel supply system, controlled by the BMS

While this project focused design and fabrication of control panels for each day tank, ECC has developed entire BMS / BAS control systems.

Replacing outdated control components and fully automating a steam boiler plant

Part of a municipal steam system in Baltimore, MD, the plant was due for an upgrade of existing bailey components. These were so out-of-date, new parts for them could not be procured. Electronic Control Corporation replaced the out-of-date components along with a significant amount of decayed wiring. Field engineers then integrated the new electronic controls into a GE Series 90-30 PLC, due to a custom requirement set forth by the customer.

Whether upgrading your outdated industrial energy control, or in need of engineers for a brand new SCADA-based power system, Electronic Control Corporation delivers the optimal solution, according to specifications.