Hospitals can’t risk downtime. That’s why they choose ECC control systems. 

This Water System Pressure Control was designed by Electronic Control Corporation to manage water in a large multi-story hospital building. The process to design, setup, test, and train the maintenance team to manage this dual pump control took a total of four weeks. ECC also developed and provided documentation to the internal team in order to successfully maintain the system. 

Redundant pumps and VFD drives ensure that water will be provided to the upper floors even in the event of component failure. ‘Clean’ wiring design allows for quick and simple troubleshooting. The spacious interior of this panel allows plenty of room for future expansion and additions—which Electronic Control Corporation can provide!

Benefits of Our Water System Pressure Control:

  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Redundancy ensures maximum uptime
  • Lifetime savings due to easy expansion capability
  • Reduced energy use
  • Improved comfort of patients and staff

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